Please observe the frequency of use and operating instructions. For first time users, with sensitive skin, please shorten the use of time.

Apply facial mask at least 2 times a week or use Suyanmei Facial Mist Sprayer for skin hydration.

Clean the device with clean cotton or rub in soft towel gently.


It can be used on the back of the neck for a massage. Use the device on acupuncture points by pressing, squeezing, stroking and pushing.

Turn off the device and wipe it with cleansing cloth. Cleansers are not to be used during device cleaning.

If the device is fully charged, it can be used from 2 to 12 hours.

The device has mode memory function, when the device is on, it will be selected on the mode that you chose from the last time you used it.


Maybe skin is too dry, use some skin care essence and try to use the device again.

The battery might not be charged. Attempt to charge the device. The light indicator will turn to blue while charging. The light indicator will turn off when the battery is full. Charging time is around 2 hours.




Remove the filter from the gap at the lower end of the head, remove the plugged filter out from the filter cotton and insert a new filter cotton. Replace the plugged filter then choose the head you need and push firmly to the device.

This method should be performed with the help of a family member. Consult Chinese Medicine Guidance for best cupping massage points. Choose cupping head and place it on your back, then press the button once to select the Sustained Suction Mode. Once there’s a strong suction, remove the device from the head, and leave the cupping head on the back for 5-10 minutes.


The 3D Body ReShaper Device is rechargeable. Make sure to charge the device when first time in use or after a long time with no use. Plug in the USB cable in the device, then connect with power supply.

Hold the device facing up, the stretch out your arm, glide the device from elbow towards armpit. See User Manual for instructions on other body parts.

No. The ReShaper is not for use on private parts, mucosa, neck, Adam’s apple, right below heart, finger, wrist, ankle area with thin skin, scratched skin, parts that have had plastic surgery, skin purulent inflammation areas.

Apply skin care products or gel before use then adjust to higher level. Movement speed must be at least 2-5cm/s. Contact electrode surface completely on skin.

It is recommended to use after bath if your skin is warm.