Face Sense

Face Sense is an advanced facial device with clinically proven technologies that help all skin problems and treat them permanently for all skin types and all ages. Using micro-vibration technologies, controlled cold and heating that stretches and firms the skin on a routine basis, renewal of skin cells, building new cells, blood circulation, and stretching assistance in combination with green, blue, and red LED lights.

Phototherapy lights are proven to be a non-invasive treatment that uses different wavelengths of therapeutic light, with research and clinically tested effectiveness, to activate the skin's healing mechanism, contribute to the firming and reduction of wrinkles, help lighten spots, and eliminate acne bacteria. Also, using the device helps in introducing accompanying preparations into the deeper layers, until you get a tight, tight and glowing look

Advantages of the device:

  • Phototherapy lights
  • Temperature controlled - 107 degrees (42 C)
  • Accelerates blood flow, penetrates the preparations maximally and helps with stretching.
  • Encourages the fibroblast cells to produce natural collagen and elastin, strengthening the networks, muscles and fibers.

Vibration/massage - High-intensity vibration that helps break down fat cells, and accelerates a metabolic process, and strengthens the facial muscles